14 January 2015

It's all been a bit quiet on this page but so much had been happening, first was the amazing Niamh Donovan coming in for her work experience, couldn't ask for a better person to have spent two weeks teaching and recording.

The next, and disputably, most exciting was my change of premises!

Introducing the new Steam Powered Studios!

9 November 2014

The fantastic Jack Dawson in the studio! \m/

5 November 2014
Untitled Album

Untitled Album

Gorilla warfare!

18 October 2014

300 likes!!!! Thankyou guys!

16 October 2014

Fallen time :)



19 September 2014

had an amazing bunch of bands in so far,

White Mess,
Gorilla Warfare,
Suborbital Lobotomy,
Luke Cooper and James Copley-dunn,
Voodoo Smile,

And tomorrow we have the incredible Devilator!!!!!

3 September 2014

Studio finished and today we had the first band in!!

A wonderful newly formed rock band called White Mess! Stay tuned for their track...its a sizzler!

23 August 2014

Updated picture :)) still gotta put a desk in and general tidy up but its coming along nicely :)

18 August 2014

Drums are looking great :)

13 August 2014

Steam Powered Studios will be opening on the 1st of September!!!

Free one day recording is available to any bands who want it until the first of november after which it will be only £50 per day!!

Message for info now or call 07961974334

6 August 2014

Axe FX II XL and headphones ordered!!! :)